Monday, August 08, 2005

Welcome to the Axel & Alex Blog

Hi! Welcome to the brand spankin' new Axel and Alex blog. Your home for all things Axel and Alex.
For all you newbies out there Axel and Alex is the story of 12 year old Alex Robinson and his robotic guardian, the nine foot tall robot known as Axel. A-n-A work for the Department of Paranormal Investigation. Their adventures involve everything from talking apes to dinosaurs.
To date, there are six digest-size issues available, along with three full-sized trade paperbacks of previous stories. Check out all the covers and issue synopsis's below and be sure to order early and often! Thanks!

Issue's are $1.25 + .50 postage each. When ordering more than one issue enclose $1.00 for postage. All orders can be made payable to: Terry Flippo, 205 Breezewood Ct., Mt. Airy, MD 21771

Character Profiles

Axel & Alex # 6

Alex finds a kindred spirit when he and Axel visit Apollo City in this crossover with J. Kevin Carrier's Lady Spectra and Sparky! Extras: 5 pages of letters, a pin-up dedicated to Julius Schwartz, and a special center-spread pin-up by Zach Flippo!

Axel & Alex # 5

It's just another day at the Department of Paranormal Investigation until the gang comes face-to-face with fellow investigator and lightning rod for trouble, Johnny Tasker, a.k.a. Rumblefish! Extras: Two pages of letters and the debut of "What was I thinking?", featuring the story behind this issue's pin-up.

Axel & Alex # 4

This issue finds our heroes facing off against a tiny robot who packs quite a whollop. Features the first appearance of Gyro and Scoot in the tale of a modern day Pinnochio. Extras: Letters page and pin-up.

Axel & Alex # 3

"Boy of Destiny" concludes as Axel and Alex and team take on the mad Lord Mayham and finally discover the mastermind behind the strange goings-on. Extras: Our first letters page!

Axel & Alex # 2

The boys are joined by the beautiful Julie Livingston as they investigate the sudden appearance of real live japanese cartoon characters, as "Boy of Destiny" continues. Part 2 of 3. Extras include: a small press preview section, and more pin-ups.

Axel & Alex # 1

Axel and Alex, along with talking gorilla Dr. Ian Sim take on a mysterious gaggle of dinosaurs running amok downtown. Part one of the three part story "Boy of Destiny". Extras: Pin-up pages!